Somethings make you smile. even if it's just for a while, a minute or even a second. Smile is something that can ease up anything, from helping you hide your feelings in a crowd to melting your anger with that shy or sudden smile to day dreamingly smiling at a favourite dream or crush. From expressing all you want to say in just a simple ease of your lips to coveying our various compicated emotions, love, affection, tiredness, need for a hug or to simply say, thankyou...

This blog of mine, is simply dedictaed to that. It's my attempt to collect and keep all things that made/make me smile..a nice quote, a dreamy picture or my favourite tv series or my favourite singer. It's all that makes me smile and that i think is worth the attempt.

Enjoy and Smile <3

Somethings make you smile...

"Thanks for supporting our ambitious and diverse storytelling over the past five seasons years.” -Andrew Marlowe

Happy 5 Years of Castle!!! (March 9, 2009 - present)


To fight ice with fire is reckless.


More Katie McGrath x


More Katie McGrath x


don’t need the promise of heaven

insp (x)


Frozen gif meme | [1/10] Scenes = The Great Thaw
"Elsa lifts her arms, and the ground shakes and cracks. The ice and snow breaks away and rises high into the air.
Beneath their feet the bow of a ship thaws. The entire fjord melts and other boats right themselves.  The villagers come out to see the warmth returning.
In one final wave, Elsa draws all of the snow into a giant snowflake in the sky, then waves it away, leaving only a warm summer day.” - Frozen Screenplay

They’re building you up just to try and knock you down. 
But they haven’t yet.

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Taylor Swift Eyes

Taylor Swift Eyes

merlin + purple shirt

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fandoms on We Heart It


fandoms on We Heart It


Transparent Fireworks Gif (Fireworks will match the colour/background of your blog!)Made by Totally Transparent


Transparent Fireworks Gif (Fireworks will match the colour/background of your blog!)
Made by Totally Transparent

Taylor Swift named Tennessean of the Year


Taylor Swift just turned 24.

She came to Middle Tennessee from Pennsylvania at 14, and in the ensuing near-decade she has become an international superstar, and a wealthy young woman. Those are rare and laudable things, but they’ve been done before.

Swift, though, is…

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FUCKLINSKI BIRTHDAY MOVIE MEME ⏩ (Dec. 15 aka day of!!!!!) Titanic

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